Kitchen Sandstone قوالب الحائط

  • 4.500 KD

كل كيس 10 حبات


Description :

It is light weight and sticky surface is flexible, very easy to install and cut to shape, friendly to fit the stickers around outlets. Just a scissors, a measuring tape begin your engineering. The backsplash sheets can be peeled off within 6 hours, able to be pulled corners up to re-stick them if you came in a little crooked even allow you to remove them from the wall if you mess up the alignment.

It will simplify and facilitate your life instead of adding maintenance trouble. You don't need to worry about potential oil stains or other stain spatter, it is very easy to remove the stain by wiping to upgrade your kitchen and save trouble at the same time.

It is fully competent with hold up in a real-life kitchen, according to its feature heat and humidity resistance. Never peeling or curling even behind the stove! It will be the realistic wall tiles of your kitchen or bathroom no trouble, as it always doing great in harsh environment.

Yipscazo peel and stick 3D vinyl tile is a great quick fix for a low budget upgrade. It completely changed the look which you want and the best thing is without many labor and material costs.



  • ※EASY INSTALL – Yipscazo peel and stick tile backsplash are flexible and smart. Just peel and stick, no grout and contractor required, adapted to instant renovation and decoration.
  • ※EASY MAINTAIN –Colors never change over time, and easy wipe to remove the stain, don't need to worry about potential oil or water stain spatter.
  • ※RESISTANT TO HEAT AND HUMIDITY - Specially designed for kitchen and bathroom backsplash.
  • ※WIDELY USE IN HOME DECOR – The tiles are versatile and paired with today's popular furniture. Perfectly decorated in Kitchen island walls, bedroom walls, bathroom backsplash, laundry room, Washbasin etc.
  • ※SIZE OF TILES - sheet, 10"x10" per sheet

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