TST Lavender 15 bag محلول خزان الصرف الصحي لافندر

  • 7.000 KD

  • The TST MAX Lavender Holding Tank Treatment helps control unwanted odors and the liquid TST keeps sensors lubricated in your black water holding tank. The easy to use liquid, singles and Drop-Ins contain a blend of lavender-scented surfactant oils that trap unwanted odors in your tank, making your camping experience more enjoyable. TST MAX Lavender is RV and marine approved, non-formaldehyde and safe for all septic tanks—it’s even great for portable camping toilets!

  • Eliminates odors in the RV holding tank
  • RV and marine approved; non-formaldehyde
  • Safe for all septic tanks
  • New Lavender scent
  • Comes in bulk liquid, singles and Drop-Ins


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