Travel Trailer Cover طربال للمقطورة

  • 130.000 KD

متوفر طربال للمقطورات جودة عالية
احمي كرفانك من الشمس والمطر
الطربال خفيف وسهل التركيب

يوجد اكثر من سحاب للباب لتسهيل الدخول للكرفان

١. حجم 22-24 قدم
السعر 130 دك

٢. حجم 24-27 قدم
السعر 140 دك

٣. حجم 27-30 قدم
السعر 150 دك

٤. حجم 30-33 قدم
السعر 160 دك


Water Proof RV Cover

Travel Trailer Cover 30-33 FT

402″L x 102″W x 104″H

travel trailer waterproof rv cover Good for winter & summer

Specially designed for Travel Trailer; Zippered panels access to the front, passenger and back sides.
Air vent system and quick drying UlitimaPro fabric combine to reduce wind stress and vent inside moisture Adjustable front and rear tension panels and elasticized hem corners provide a custom fit
Zippered panels allow access to the RV doors and storage compartments.

Integrate strap attachment and weighted toss bag system eliminates crawling under the RV to install the tension straps Tension panels reduce cover stress when tightening the straps
Zippered storage bag to expand for easy packing

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