Anode Water Heater Atwood زنك سخان الماء

  • 9.000 KD

هذا الزنك مهم جداً لحمات جدار سخان الماء من التاكل

يجب تبديل القطعه كل موسم

ويجب فصل الماء من السخان وتجفيف الصخان بالصيف حتى يمكن ان يدون فترة اطول

Anode Rod for RV Water Heater Part Atwood Dometic Replacement - Size 4.5 in x 1/2 in NPT - Magnesium

 Absorbs the corrosive action caused by hot water and prolongs the life of your water heater tank. Simply unscrew the anode rod to drain the tank. If the rod is mostly eaten away, replace with a new one. Always keep a spare in your RV toolbox. Magnesium rod is suitable for most areas. Consider using the aluminum road in areas of harsh waer where the magnesium rods last less than one year. 1/card.

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