Solera 12V Awning ذراع مظلة

  • 320.000 KD

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An industry first, the Solera 12V Power Pack features a unique, rechargeable battery that fits right inside your Solera Power Awning arm and comes with everything you need to connect to the motor wire. This is the perfect awning for DIY RVers who don’t want to spend the installation dollars to wire a 12V awning into their RV. Better yet, the Solera 12V Power awning extends and retracts faster than other power awnings. Not that you’re in a hurry, but who wouldn’t want the fastest awning on the planet?



  • Save 1-2 hours of additional installation expense as there is no need to wire this directly in to your RV’s power supply
  • Auto rain dump feature activates when rain water pools in the canopy, automatically lifting the awning arms to release the pooled water
  • Easy DIY installation; no internal wiring needed to the RV’s main power source
  • Easy access manual override, an industry first! * In case of power failure, simply use a power drill to extend or retract your awning in case of power failure
  • Exclusive, quick and simple independent pitch adjustment for relief from the sun at any point in the day
  • Waterproof switch offers easy, push-button operation
  • Universal Solera 12V Power Hardware option allows for an easy UPGRADE on Domestic ** A&E and Carefree *** manual or power awnings
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    • Brand : Solera
    • Model : Tall 12V Universal Awning Hardware Kit - Black
    • Item Weight : 52 pounds
    • Product Dimensions : 69 x 17.5 x 10.5 inches
    • Cover Included : Awning Hardware Assembly

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