RVLock Keyless for Class C/A Motorhomes قفل

  • 65.000 KD


The RVLock Charter for Class C & A motorhomes is a premium upgraded keyless handle. Most Class C & A motorhomes with the entry door behind the front axle will have compatibility with this lock. Very few motorhomes today come standard with a keyless option. The RVLock Charter is the only aftermarket keyless handle available on the market.

The exterior handle features an ergonomic grip that gives more leverage than a traditional handle. A weatherproof backlit keypad comes standard with every Charter Class C & A handle. For added accessibility, every RVLock Keyless handle comes with a 4-Button FOB. Key alike capabilities allow you to control multiple doors and compartments with a single fob - only offered by RVLock Keyless. 

Review our fit guide to determine compatibility for your existing motorhome handle. Optional jamb plates are sold separately.

Ditch the keys and upgrade to the industry’s leading keyless handle!


شرح طريقة استخدام القفل





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