RV Side Jack 24 Inches 5000 Ibs جيك جانبية

  • 24.000 KD

  • Application This screw jack used Replacement for stablizing and leveling your RV/Camper/Trailer/car.
  • Remains steady on soft surfaces because of wide bow-tie base

  • Extending RV levelers adjusts from 4" to 24" inches to stabilize at the best angle you need
  • Capacity At least 5,000 lbs per scissor jack

  • Material  Heavy duty weather and rust-resistant coated Heavy Duty Metal, safe and reliable, compact size, convenient to carry in your car

  • Feature Tooth gear design of the trailer scissor jack arms ensures straight line vertical extension and retraction, the jack raises quickly and the crank handle can easily turn the screws

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