LP Gas Regulator منظم الغاز

  • 14.000 KD

Single Stage Propane Low Press Regulator

  • Maintains a constant 11" WC propane pressure
  • 200,000 BTU/HR
  • For connecting free standing gas bottle to low pressure gas appliances
  • 1/4" Female NPT Inlet x 3/8" Female NPT Outlet
  • UL Listed
  • The Camco Single Stage Propane Regulator is for connecting a free-standing gas bottle to a grill or other low-pressure gas appliance. It maintains a constant 11"Water column propane pressure and is rate for 200,000 BTU/HR.

    LP Gas Regulator – Two Stage

    • Has integral first and second stages that ensure smoother, more consistent flow of propane gas to all RV appliances
    • Inlet: 1/4" Female NPT Outlet: 3/8" Female NPT
    • Outlet pressure 11"WC
    • For vertical mount applications
    • 160,000 BTU/hr

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