Hiltex Tow Bar قلص

  • 65.000 KD

  • ذراع سحب السيارات

    يتحمل٥ الاف باوند

    يعادل ٢٢٧٦‏ ‏كيلوغرام


    عرضالمسموح لقواعد السيارة من 26 الى 41 انش

    يعادل 65 الى 104 سم


    فيديو التركيب

  • https://youtu.be/j6_XxWWfNYY?si=xYpN-Z3jKV8KfVYh

فيدو استخدام



  • Hiltex 20046 Adjustable Universal Tow Bar, 5000 Lb 
  • Hiltex 20046 Adjustable Tow Bar with Safety Chains | Tows up to 5000 lbs.


  • Two inch fitting ball will tow vehicles that have the proper mount as long as the towing vehicle is heavier than vehicle being towed

  • Fits most bumpers and mounting area ranges from 24″ to 41″ wide; works with sedans, jeeps, trucks, vans, SUVs, etc.

  • Hardened, heat treated steel towing bar pulls weights up to 5000 pounds

  • Tow bar includes two adjustable 30” safety chains for safety and legal compliance

  • Bar can be folded up when not in use and stored easily in a garage or truck bed

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