Entry Step سلم المدخل 3 عتبات

  • 110.000 KD

The next generation of manual steps is finally here.

Using the latest CAD technology,

Elkhart Tool and Die has designed a step that not only works smoother,

but out performs anything else on the market.

One fluid motion is all it takes to easily pull and extend the steps.

The 24″ perforated tread with anti-slip safety strips for added traction is constructed of solid American steel and finished with a 16-step black Electronic coating.

This self-storing step can be bolted to the floor or welded to the frame.

This unit requires more than a 35 degree angle to open by itself,

making it virtually ‘bounce-out’ proof. The total drop is 18.5″,

with rise between treads approximately 7″.

The bolt hole pattern fits all major competing brands for easy replacement of existing steps.

NOTE: Frame width for mounting may be 3-4″ wider than tread width.

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