Norcold Gas Solenoid Valve صمام غاز الثلاجة

Norcold Gas Solenoid Valve صمام غاز الثلاجة

  • 28.000 KD

is proud of its rich, near 60-year history… from humble beginnings, through periods of rapid growth, to today’s position of industry. Norcold was founded in 1959 in California to manufacture specialty refrigerators to the RV and Marine industries. As the recreational industry prospered, so did Norcold, rapidly growing from a small, family company to an industry “player” with unlimited potential.

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Gas Solenoid Valve


has been providing the RV industry with modern, quality services and is currently one of the leading brands known in the United States; a brand proven to innovate bold products known for delivering superior and reliable performance continuously. The Norcold 633726 Refrigerator Gas Valve Solenoid is structured and precisely manufactured through a series of careful process, to promote the benefits of quality and excellence in performance. Practically developed to fit multiple makes and models from the Norcold N6/N8 refrigerator units; can also fit N1/N4/N5 models. This replacement part is improved with a high-grade mechanism that ensures sufficient and reliable operation to every system. Engineered to work by providing continuous and unhindered gas flow through a certain circuit function. It effectively controls fluid movement that helps every unit deliver smoother performance for easier and hassle-free operation. Experience worry-free travels with the whole family for more years to come and equip your mobile home with genuinely functional tools, parts, and accessories from Norcold!

This gas valve works on N6/ N8 model Refrigerators with a serial number greater than 9185699 and any 1200 model with a serial number above 9186770 and all 1210 models. N6/ N8 models include the following Norcold model numbers: N610,N611,N611,N621,N622,N641,NX611,NX641,NXA641,N810,N821,N822,N841,N842,N843,NX811,NX841,NXA841,1200 serial numbers above 9186770,1210 ALL,2117,2118

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